Project management services for pharmaceutical wholesalers

Customized systems - system installation period

  • We offer organizational support for systems, warehouses, labour and business administration. For 30 years, we have accumulated significant experience in the field of logistics and IT. Relying mostly on our own experts but – when needed – on subcontractor partners as well, we can offer complex solutions to any requirements that arise.

  • We consider customizing a system to be only natural. We apply the methodology of creating a prototype for development tasks. The idea behind this is to continually refine system prototypes with the full involvement and continuous monitoring of the users until the end product is deployed. The methodology places emphasis on a close relationship and collaboration with the user. This method is fully supported by the Magic technology we use in our development tasks. By shortening the system development cycle and eliminating coding in a classical sense, its highly integrated functionality contributes to increased programming efficiency and reliability by several orders of magnitude.

  • We convert our customers’ previously created database into a new database.

  • We assign a dedicated manager, who takes care of the Client and serves as single point of contact.

  • We undertake to train users, system administrators and managers. Coaching is done in several user groups and continues until users become proficient in the independent use of each program in the relevant system modules.

  • Our associates take part in the live deployment of the system until needed (installation-management). We ensure that operational use of the system is successful by being there in person for days (even weeks!) until the user can operate the system with the necessary confidence.

  • Our Clients can monitor ongoing projects via our helpdesk system.

  • By courtesy of our subcontractor partners, our company also offers services that fulfil user needs not immediately related to logistics systems. These can be software delivery (financial-accounting or other administrative systems), hardware tool delivery (IBM, HP, Sun or other servers, communication tools, bar code management tools) or even warehouse equipment, warehouse solutions (various warehouse technologies, electronic process control in support of picking).

Hosted (SaaS) systems - system installation period

To users who operate few workstations, we enable access to the PharmaLog system on our servers in the form of a hosting platform, with the following services:

  • User need evaluation, system presentation

  • System installation

  • Converting data received in the appropriate format (master file, turnover) into the PharmaLog database 

  • Training for system users

  • A test preceding the live launch performed in the user environment

  • Introduction management – our associate will be personally present at the live launch

  • User documentation for the PharmaLog system, as well as validation and documentation of fields related to QA

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