Technologia PharmaLog - Magic

Magic Application Platform  is a code-free, visual development and deployment environment for the quick creation of enterprise-grade mobile, web and desktop apps. Magic allows to leverage the same business logic to develop once and deploy across platforms. A portfolio of high performance business apps can be created with a single skill set and minimal resources. By allowing to develop, maintain and update apps quickly and cost-effectively, Magic supports enterprise mobility strategy and gives businesses a competitive edge. 

Magic = flexible, powerful and proven.

Thousands of enterprises around the globe use powerful Magic multichannel business apps, including:

  • Full-feature ERP and Supply Chain Management systems

  • Mobile workforce apps for sales and field service staff

  • Mobile audit apps

  • Comprehensive employee and partner portals

  • Apps that display and process data from backend IT systems in combination with Magic XPI Integration Platform

Organize and operate your pharmaceutical warehouse in the most professional, efficient and financially effective way!

Let us share our 30-year pharmaceutical warehousing industry experience with you.